The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

Our Residents

Our Residents
Our Residents

Shelter Residents

Those seeking respite at the Boulder Shelter are a diverse group. Each year, 1,000 different adults turn to the Shelter for help and each has a unique story. Some have been on the streets for years while others find themselves with no where else to turn for the first time in their lives. Some are battling addictions or mental health issues while some have just had a string of setbacks. Some never made it through high school and some have advanced degrees. The one thing they all have in common is that they are poor and they have turned to the Shelter as a last resort.

Three quarters of Shelter residents are men and 20 to 25% have served in the military. About 40% of the Shelter population is working and another 20% are actively seeking employment.

To hear two Shelter residents' stories, in their own words, click the play button.

Stayin' Home for the Homeless