Volunteering at the Shelter

What do I need to know to volunteer at the Boulder Shelter?

**Have you been invited to volunteer with an existing Shelter volunteer group? If so, please follow these instructions. 


Before filling out the Shelter Volunteer application, familiarize yourself with our volunteer requirements and Shelter volunteer positions:

  • Age Requirement
    Youth volunteers must be at least 12 years old and be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times while at the Shelter. Additionally, there are a limited number of roles that youth volunteers are permitted to fill. See the position descriptions below.
  • Seasonal Scheduling
    The Shelter operates two different seasons and gears volunteer opportunities to support our staff and residents. The Winter season is from October through April and the Summer Season is from May through September. Volunteers can join the Shelter team any time during the year, however, there may only be substitute shifts available if you join mid-season.
  • Commitment
    The Shelter asks that individual volunteers commit to engage in a minimum of 3 months of service. One-time volunteer opportunities for individual volunteers are not possible.
  • Tour and Training
    All new volunteers will need to arrange a Shelter tour and training with the Volunteer Manager.  During the winter season trainings will be scheduled with the Volunteer Manager, and will last approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • Shelter Volunteer Positions
    Click here to see positions

Shelter Volunteer Application

*Please make sure you have reviewed the requirements above before completing the application.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us.  The Volunteer Application Form is currently disabled because all of our volunteer positions are full.  Please check back weekly for potential openings if you’re still interested in volunteering.

Questions? For more details about the Volunteer Program, please contact our Volunteer Manager, at 303-327-7120 or brandi@bouldershelter.org