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The City of Boulder and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless recently announced a partnership to provide a day center at the Shelter’s 4869 Broadway location. Here’s what that means.

Why did we respond to the partnership request from the City?

  1. Connecting with the homeless during day hours enhances the entire homeless response system, helping cover basic needs and moving people toward permanent, stable housing.
  1. The City has committed enough budget dollars as part of this partnership to greatly increase our ability to help the long-term homeless find a home off the streets, with supportive services.
  1. Opening during the day allows us to provide access to basic human services like warmth, bathrooms, showers, laundry, food, lockers, mail, and phone. And higher order-of-need services such as coordinated entry, case management, vital document access, medical and mental health services, community court, re-entry programs, peer support, benefit assistance, and employment services. All of these are key to ending homelessness, individual by individual.
  1. A day center provides better access to housing resources, such as reunification assistance, rental assistance, housing navigation, eviction prevention, application fees, deposit assistance, housing assessments, and application assistance.
  1. Centralization of all of these services allows for incremental engagement, relationship building, and access to housing interventions as frequently as resources allow.
  1. A day center allows us to reach populations underserved by overnight dorm-style sheltering. This includes the chronically homeless, individuals struggling with substance use, individuals with certain mental health conditions, individuals living in vehicles, and those with pets.

What other changes are proposed?

  1. As part of the new management plan we are proposing, the Shelter will move from 160/180 overnight capacity (180 on severe weather nights only) to 180 every night. This takes more individuals off the street without violating the capacity of the Shelter building.
  1. The new management plan continues to prohibit loitering around the Shelter building, and provides for many resources and strong encouragement for residents not to remain outside near the Shelter after leaving.
  1. Minor changes inside the Shelter building, but no changes to the exterior.

How can I offer my thoughts on this?

If you live within a certain radius of the Shelter building, you will be mailed by the City an invitation to a Neighbors meeting. Shelter leadership will be present, and we encourage you to come. If you cannot make it and would like to comment or make suggestions to the Shelter, contact us at

Our Purpose

We believe that all people deserve the necessities of life and that the community in which we live is called to serve this purpose.

Our Mission

To create avenues to stable housing for our community’s homeless adults,from a foundation of supportive and safe shelter.

Our Core Values

Treat all with dignity. Offer support and opportunity. Achieve results through competence and creativity. Practice responsible stewardship.