COVID-19 Response

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

Covid-19 Update

Updated 11/01/2023 – For further questions please call the Shelter main line (303) 442-4646

The Boulder Shelter has proudly remained open and operational throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

We continue to work with our public health partners to identify best practices and create the safest environment possible within the Shelter.

Current Shelter Policies & Practices

  • It is no longer mandatory for all staff and volunteers to mask whilst Client-facing. Residents are strongly encouraged but not mandated.
  • Rapid testing is available for all staff and residents, upon request.
  • Public Health are running periodic vaccine clinics at the shelter to administer flu and Covid shots/boosters.
  • Flu and Covid shots are also available at our weekly pharmacy clinic.
  • Any staff testing positive for Covid will isolate for at least 5 days after consultation with Public Health.
  • KN95 and surgical masks are freely available for all staff, volunteers and residents.
  • Residents testing positive for Covid will no longer be required to isolate away from the shelter unless directed otherwise by Public Health, but will be required to mask in communal spaces for 5 days.

Our Partners in Public Health

We stay in regular contact with our partners; working together to identify best practices and create the safest environment possible for the members of our community who are experiencing homelessness. We are greatlful for their tireless support and guidance. Get more information about their COVID-19 updates and recommendations, click on their respective logos.