Volunteering with an existing Dinner Group

Have you been invited to volunteer with an existing Shelter volunteer group? If so, please follow these instructions so that you can apply online and know what to expect.

Please take a moment to review the kitchen volunteer guidelines and then complete the application. You should find the group you plan to join in the list under “Group Affiliation.”

Here is generally what you can expect in your dinner shift experience:

  1. When you arrive you will find that the doors are locked. A staff member will come to let you in.
  2. You will go into the front office to sign in.
  3. Look for your name tag in the bin labeled with your group affiliation.
  4. On the back of the name tag is a number that you will use to sign in on the iPad
  5. Follow the guided steps to sign in on the iPad
  6. Sign the paper form that is next to the iPad. This is an agreement to the USDA non-discrimination statement.
  7. If you have a jacket or bag, please ask a staff member to bring you to “Dorm Supply” so that you can leave these items in a secured area of the Shelter during your shift. This is also where the restroom is located should you need to use it while you are here.
  8. Go into the kitchen, and have fun!!

Thank you for engaging with the Shelter; we hope you enjoy your experience!