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Coordinated Entry

Are you an adult, (18 or older), experiencing homelessness in Boulder County?

If you need a safe place to sleep and access to meals, showers, and basic support services, your first step to receiving services from Boulder County or the cities of Boulder or Longmont is to call Coordinated Entry. This is a required step for anyone seeking homeless-related services!

What happens at Coordinated Entry?

You will meet with a staff person and complete a brief assessment. Based on the information gathered through the assessment you will be referred to the local service provider that can best support your needs. CE is available in both Boulder and Longmont. Services include shelter, help identifying housing options, basic-needs services, case management, and more.

* Note: You must call at least 30 minutes before they close, at either location, to have time to complete the assessment.

Boulder Contact Info:   Call 303-579-4404 – or walk up, in person, at the Age Well Center, 909 Arapahoe, Boulder, CO 80302 

M, W, TH, F:  10am-4pm / Tues : 12 – 4pm

Longmont Contact Info :  Call (720) 453-6096 M-F  (12-7pm)

Or walk-in: M, T, Th, F (12-5pm) at  HOPE  – 804 S.Lincoln St / Weds. 12-5pm 1335 Francis St

What if I need help after Coordinated Entry hours? 

You may go to the Boulder Shelter (4869 N. Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304). Our Intake Hours are 5:00pm and 7:00pm. You will be able to stay one night and then you will be required to complete the coordinated entry assessment to receive additional services including overnight shelter.











Entrada Coordinada

¿Necesita un lugar seguro para dormir, abrigo o ayuda con las necesidades básicas?

Cómo acceder a los servicios para adultos sin hogar en el condado de Boulder.

¿Es usted un adulto sin hogar (mayor de 18 años) sin niños en su hogar?  Su primer paso para recibir servicios del condado de Boulder o de las ciudades de Boulder o Longmont es llamar y realizar la CE (entrada coordinada). Este es un paso obligatorio para cualquier persona que busque servicios relacionados a las personas sin hogar. Hablará con un miembro del personal y realizará una breve evaluación. Con base en esta información, se le derivará a los servicios más adecuados según sus necesidades.

La CE (entrada coordinada) está disponible tanto en Boulder como en Longmont. Los servicios incluyen abrigo; ayudar a identificar opciones de vivienda, servicios para atender necesidades básicas, administración de casos y más.

La entrada coordinada se realiza solo por teléfono:

Boulder: lunes, miércoles, jueves, y viernes 10 am a 4 pm, (Martes 12 pm a 4 pm), 303-579-4404
lame: M-F 12-7(720) 453-6096
en persona: Lun, Mar, Jue, Vier 12-5pm a HOPE 804 Lincoln St.
Mier.12-5pm 1335 Francis S

¿Qué pasa si necesito ayuda después de las horas de CE?  

Puede ir al Abrigo de Boulder de 5 a 7 pm     Debe completar la evaluación en el próximo horario disponible para acceder a servicios futuros.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Shelter services?

Those seeking Shelter services must first go through the Coordinated Entry Screening.  See Coordinated Entry, above.

How can I get between downtown Boulder and the Shelter?

There is a free bus available every day:

5:00pm from 11th & Walnut directly to the Shelter

8:00am from the Shelter back to 11th & Walnut.

RTD Bus Lines: SKIP and 204

Does the Shelter help residents find jobs?

In an effort to not duplicate services that already exist in the community, the Shelter works closely with other agencies, such as Workforce Boulder County and Ready to Work, that provide employment and employment training to those looking for work.

How can I reach someone staying at the Shelter?

The names of residents who stay at the Shelter are kept confidential. Anyone wishing to contact someone they believe to be staying at the Shelter may call the resident voice mail box at 303-468-4324 and leave a message that will be posted, or they may call the Shelter’s main number at 303-442-4646 and a Shelter staff member will take a message and post it.

Where do Shelter residents go during the day?

The Shelter is closed to residents between 8am and 5pm, with a few exceptions such as residents who do service work. Many Shelter residents have employment and they go to work during the day. Others are looking for work or training for new jobs.

Where is the Shelter located?

Please see Map & Directions section below

Map & Directions

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