Programs & Services Overview  

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless











Coordinated Entry

Providing quick access to individuals seeking assistance through a county-wide coordinated referral and housing placement process

Coordinated Entry is the first stop and a key element of the adult homeless service system. All homeless adults seeking services enter through a limited number of community entry points, where they are assessed with common screening tools and matched with appropriate service and housing paths.  See More ➟➟➟ 

Housing Focused Shelter 

Our Approach to Homeless Assistance











Safe sheltering and reliable support services provided with compassion and dignity by experienced staff can make life-changing differences for individuals who have been referred to the Shelter through the Coordinated Entry screening.  See More ➟➟➟ 











Permanent Supportive Housing 

Support & Ongoing Intensive Case Management

This program serves chronically homeless individuals who live on the streets and tend to have high incidences of mental illness, addictions, and/or physical disabilities.  The Permanent Supportive Housing program provides housing support, with on-going intensive case management for these individuals. See More ➟➟➟

Rapid Re-Housing

Providing short-term rental assistance and services











Serving people with shorter histories of homelessness, and those with a lower acuity of need. Rapid Re-Housing provides temporary resources to make housing affordable to help people avoid becoming chronically homeless. See More ➟➟➟












Outreach designed to inform people of resources related to housing and services

Boulder Targeted Homelessness Engagement and Referral Effort (BTHERE).

The BTHERE program goal is to engage and build relationships with people experiencing homelessness for future connection to housing or services. See More ➟➟➟